Otaru map

This website helps your sightseeing with Tagcould.

The purpose of this website is helping tourists.
There are some strong points on this websit.


Using cloudtags is one of strong point in this website.

By using cloudtags, it's easy to recognise what are popular spots in Otaru.


There are adjectives which show how people felt and reacted differently
when they were at the place.


You can see tags in different size. Big tags mean it's a popular spot more than small tags.

How to use this website

Keywords are taken from Flcikr. So when you click a tagcloud which you're interested in, you can check details on Flickr.

1 Choose a tag cloud which you're interested in.
2 Click the tag and go to Flickr page.

Anything in here will be replaced on browsers that support the canvas element

Awesome glass lamp Heat and fun at the beach Beautiful music box Cute cat Rickshaw is nice
Beautiful snow bowl Nice townscape
Stunning night view
Great Otaru canal